The Venus Factor System – Is it Legit?

Is the Venus Factor System Legit? Read this in-dept honest Venus Factor Review before buying.

The reason why I am writing this review on whether or not The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program works or not, because just a month ago I bumped into a girl at the gym whom I haven’t’ spoken to in over a year.

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I was really surprised by how much weight she had lost because I remember she gained a lot of weight after she had a baby.

I’d had imagined that she worked her butt off in the gym to get in amazing shape, but she told me she had being using the Venus Factor Program.

Is the Venus Factor System Legit?

This inspired me to go online and find out more about this Venus Factor that has claimed to have helped lots of single women and moms lose weight in a short amount of time.

I went online and did a search for the Venus Factor because I was a little bit skeptical that this program was legit but because there was a lot of hype about the product I wanted to find out more about it.

The Creator of The Venus Factor Weight Loss Program

john barbanJohn Barban is the creator of the Venus Factor and is a renowned world class fitness expert in weight loss, nutrition and physiology.

He designed The Venus Factor to help women lose weight quickly. The Venus factor has proven many times over to help women achieve the kind of body they want,.

John Barban has even helped men achieve their own fitness goals over the years with what he refers to as “The Perfect Ratio”.

So what exactly is The Venus Factor?

Rather than restricting your body to low fat diets and killing yourself in the gym just to shed off a couple of extra pounds, the aim with The Venus Factor is to help you achieve a more natural, more curvy and feminine shape.

What I found out about this program is that it is not so much focused on the amount of time you have to weight yourself after every intensive workout.

“The Venus Factor program will help you lose weight where you need it most, whether it’s on your tummy, hips, arms, butt, back or legs.”

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The program tells you to completely avoid doing the kind of exercises that men do,such as weighted abdominal exercises, weight core and oblique exercises.
These kind exercises will only make you your abs look bigger in comparison to the rest of your body.

Working your abs using heavy weight will only make your body seem thicker in that area.

This kind of exercise will only make your abs look bigger in comparison to the rest of your body.

Training your abs more often using heavier weight will make you look blockier and thicker in that area.  So avoid these exercises completely as they are only designed for shaping a mans body.

When you know what part of your body you want to lose weight, The Venus Factor Weight Loss program makes every two kilos you lose look like four.

The program will not give you models body like Naomi Campbell or Beyoncé Knowles, every woman has a different shape to her body.

Instead by following the program step by step you will be able to shape your body to the fittest, sexiest version of yourself.

Each session is to be done at home 3 days a week. No need for any expensive gym equipment, nothing like that. So it will be easy for you to manage to squeeze in 3 days in at a time that suits you.

And because this is a weight loss program you will need to cut out your favorite foods, such as ice-cream, pizza, French fries, etc. Not to worry though you can still eat other foods in moderation, but there are also instructions on what foods to eat to help you lose weight.

Apparently there was a lot of talk before this weight loss system was released specifically aimed to help women. Fitness bloggers took note on this and started blogging and rewriting reviews on it.

For women who are anxious to get rid of that annoying belly flab completely, this program has everything to help you achieve that goal.

Already women who have purchased the Venus Factor Program are experiencing fantastic results.  So be prepared that this could be the final outcome that will produce the kind of results, unlike any other weight loss program you have tried in the past.

How much does The Venus Factor cost?

The cost of the Venus Factor is only $47 and if you are not happy with the results you’re getting, there is 60 day money back guaranteed so why not give it a try and see for yourself.

A lot of women don’t have time to join or go to the gym so this is a fantastic program that fits right into their schedule without.

What the Venus Factor pdf recommends is to do whole body exercises that train your upper body and your lower body and your core all at the same time.

This will keep your ab and waist area nice and tight and firm.

Avoid any weighted core exercises that just make your waist look thicker and bulky.

Final Word

So we have come to the end of the Venus Factor Review. Overall, this program is one of the most impressive and effective weight loss programs I have seen in a long time.

Once you you are finished watching the flashy Venus Factor Sales video, what you get is an amazing, easy to use workout program that will guide you step by step to achieve the body you always wanted.

The Venus Factor System consists of workout routines that last up to 3 months. Just like any other weight loss exercise program it will require effort and commitment to achieve the results you want.


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The Venus Factor Before And After Pictures

Check out these real Venus Factor Before And After Pictures And What They Have To Say About The Venus Factor

There are thousands of before and after pictures from women who have successfully transformed their bodies using the Venus Factor System.

If you had plans on buying the Venus Factor but were a little skeptical, you should do a bit more research and will find a whole community of women that share their weight loss tips and success stories with other members of the Venus Factor.

If you click the link below you will be taken to the Venus Factor before and after page that contains videos and pictures showing their results from the Venus Factor.

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